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It was originally developed for shipboard use, but proved unsuitable for shipboard environments and was discontinued in 2019. Type II is a desert digital sample currently restricted to SEALs and other sailors corresponding to Seabees assigned to Naval Special Warfare Units when in desert environments. Type III is a woodland digital sample for sailors in shore instructions and riverine units. The camouflage patterns are similar to the MARPAT Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform worn by U.S.

Silver anodized-metal rank insignia is worn on shirt/shirt collars and cap. The service uniform additionally includes a black relaxed-fit jacket with a knit stand-up collar and epaulets, on which petty officers wear giant, silver anodized-metallic fee insignia. Those entitled to put on gold chevrons continue to put on gold chevrons on the large metallic price insignia on the jacket. They are intended to be used in workplace environments, in positions that interact with the general public, and in watch situations. Those holding the rank of lieutenant and beneath have the choice of utilizing the Dinner Dress uniform when Dinner Dress Jacket is prescribed.

The Service Dress White jumper is actually derived from the former Undress White, with its broad cuff-less sleeves and no piping. However, starting in October 2015, Service Dress White jumpers had been modified to characteristic navy blue piping on cuffed sleeves, stars and navy blue piping on the collar, and a yoke, making it a 'picture-adverse' of the Service Dress Blue jumper.

Those opting to wear Marine Corps service uniforms must meet Marine Corps grooming and bodily look standards, that are more stringent than Navy standards. This does not apply to the MARPAT uniforms, as this uniform is required for wear in the area when connected to Marine items, no matter adherence to Marine Corps grooming standards. Navy personnel are not authorized to wear the Marine Corps Dress Blue Uniform; instead Navy Dress Blue and White uniforms are worn. All sailors are approved to put on the 'Eisenhower' jacket with brief-sleeved service uniforms with acceptable rank devices on the shoulder boards.

There are additionally specialised ratings that shall be hooked up to Marine commands corresponding to Navy Divers for example. Because of this relationship, these personnel are authorized to wear U.S. Marine Corps utility (desert/woodland) uniforms with Navy rank insignia changing the Marine insignia for enlisted personnel and with a 'U.S. Navy' patch changing the 'U.S. Marines' one. They wear the 8-point utility cover, however it lacks the Marine Corps emblem. Additionally, Navy personnel connected to Marine units can elect to wear Marine service uniforms, with Navy insignia.

Working uniforms are described by the navy as being worn when different uniforms might become unduly dirty or are in any other case inappropriate for the task at hand. In July 2010, the Navy Working Uniform and coveralls grew to become the only licensed working uniforms. The Navy Service Uniform is a year-round service uniform to withstand day-to-day classroom and office-like environments where the service uniform is often worn.

Either a Command/Navy ballcap or a Khaki Garrison Cap are worn with this uniform. Green flight fits are the usual wear; nonetheless, wing commanders could authorize desert flight fits for personnel positioned in hot climates. As of 2012, flight suits might now be worn off base in the identical method because the Navy Working Uniform. As the Marine Corps doesn't have medical personnel and chaplains, the Navy provides them. The officers and enlisted embrace medical doctors, doctor assistants, dentists, nurses, hospital corpsmen, chaplains, religious program specialists, and Naval Gunfire Liaison Officers.

The enlisted sailors who're chief petty officer and above put on a uniform just like the officers, but with rank insignia and service stripes on the left sleeve. Ribbons are worn with these uniforms over the top left pocket opening, along with qualification or warfare insignia. Either the all-weather Coat or peacoat may be worn with this uniform in cold or inclement climate. The shade of the enlisted fee insignia and service stripes for the Service Dress Blues is both red or gold based mostly upon what number of years the wearer has served ; the colors on the Service Dress Whites are all the time black.

The 'Eisenhower' jacket is a waist length, black jacket with knit cuffs, and is called for its affiliation with Dwight D. Eisenhower. The khaki windbreaker, previously approved solely with the service khaki uniform, was discontinued on 30 September 2016. The Navy Working Uniform is a utility uniform with multiple pockets on the shirt and trousers. Three variations of the uniform exist, each with a multi-color digital camouflage print sample similar to these introduced by other services. Type I is predominantly blue with some gray for almost all of sailors.
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